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Is Your Studio Ready to Take the Next Step?

Download the checklist to find out if you are ready to take the leap into franchising

This checklist was developed in partnership with Andrew Seid, a Senior Consultant for MSA Worldwide Franchise Advisors. An experienced advisor to franchisors, Andrew works primarily with emerging brands who are seeking to grow their business through franchising.  

 Blending a unique knowledge of franchise law with experience in business and consulting for franchisors gives Andrew a unique perspective when assisting MSA’s wide range of clients. Andrew lives in South Philadelphia and is a true believer that franchising can help change lives and help continue to build successful business owners.


Choosing to franchise your business is a gigantic decision but can pay off big time if you choose the right time. But how do you know when the time is right?

 Big business decisions are scary, and we’re here to make sense of it all. Using our checklist, determine whether your studio should stay small for the time being, or take a great leap forward into becoming a franchise.  

 Our checklist will help you answer all your questions about franchising, including:

  • If franchising is the right move for you
  • What to consider when franchising
  • What software you need to manage multiple locations 
Andrew Seid
Senior Consultant 
MSA Worldwide Franchise Advisors

Why Mariana Tek is the premiere tool for franchises

Get easy access to exclusive member and studio data so you can drive revenue with exceptional experiences. Multiple sign-ins for different studios make it hard to track data, set specific prices and organize specific locations by their needs. But our platform just requires one login; manage and track all your locations, all in one place.

Managing multiple locations couldn't be easier with MarianaTek

Get enterprise-level, robust updates for every studio location; know what’s going on in real-time without physically being there.

Real-time updates
Customize your locations

From pricing to commerce to classes, tailor the specifics of your studio locations with ease. Set permissions at the studio level so you can manage who sees what.

360-degree studio view

See every customer and their activity at each of your studios at your fingertips. Assign credits and flexible memberships to single or multiple locations to build the business you want.

"As the owner operator, I can check in and see what's going on in almost in real time seeing the transactions that are happening. In the studios it's really cool, because it's much easier to check people in swap spots. 

They take a lot of the work out of onboarding a new franchisee. They essentially can do it for me with very little impact on my corporate team, so the training the support all those pieces are already in place.”

Cody Patrick
Owner/CEO, Sweat440


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