Why Your Digital Experience 
is Central to Supporting 
Your Boutique Studio’s Growth

How to unify your premium in-studio and digital experience to drive revenue and retention  

Every moment that your members interact with you is a moment to build on brand loyalty to grow that relationship; you work hard day in and day out to engage with and create a seamless experience for your members. They pay a premium for a top-notch experience with you and your team, after all. 

But sometimes, you can’t help but think the digital side of your business doesn’t reflect that. And, in a world that is only getting more and more digital, having software on your side is paramount to running a successful boutique studio. Your digital and in-studio experience both feed into your overall brand, and how well they work together impacts how your members see your studio’s value.


Inside our comprehensive guide, you'll discover how to harness the power of tech to:

  • Build a unique digital brand members will flock to
  • Personalize the experience for first-timers and returning members
  • Offer the premium digital experience your members pay for
  • Find the technology partners to make all this happen
“We feel empowered and set up for success no matter how our business grows or changes. We’re all really pumped for the future of this new Health House experience with Mariana Tek.”

Kelsey Silver


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